Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns by Fransen et al

So as you can imagine things have been crazy, insane, a LOT little hectic around the EM household with our new little bundle of joy.  I’ve also been working on several freelance projects so what little time and sanity I have had after getting home from my day job has gone to those projects (one has to earn the kibble money after all) rather than my own.  But we have some events coming up on the horizon (including Gulf Wars!!!!) so naturally my mind has been percolating on projects.

I considered doing Turkish for Atlantian 12th Night, but I just couldn’t get excited about it, despite the awesome site for the event.  I also considered doing Norse again for Ymir but that just didn’t float my boat either.  And then I thought to myself, do I really need to go looking for a new project when I already have so many things on my list.  So I took a look at my 2013 Project List and Wardrobe Project.

I’ve really been wanting to try my hand at making some 10-gore gowns and I think those will fit in nicely with my Wardrobe Project.  To help with the project I picked up a copy of Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns.  I already had a copy of Woven Into the Earth and I’ve really enjoyed it.  I can’t wait to work with Medieval Garments Reconstructed.


Wonder Woman rapier armor.  Completed October 2013 for the Atlantian Heros and Villians Garb Challenge

Wonder Woman rapier armor. Completed October 2013 for the Atlantian Heros and Villains Garb Challenge

2013-10-05 13.24.58If you follow my Facebook page (And you really should.  There’s awesome stuff there!) you got to see some sneak peaks of my new Wonder Woman inspired rapier armor.  Well, here it is.  It’s finally finished.

As you know from my earlier posts I worked on this project for the Atlantian Heros and Villains Garb Challenge held at Atlantian Fall Coronation.

It’s made of medium weight linen, machine sewn and hand finished.  The braid, a cotton blend sutash braid, was hand applied and the buttons were hand made cloth buttons made to match the braid and the gold linen lining.  The stars on the side of the Venetians were appliqued by machine.

All of the patterns were created from garments featured in Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion.  I enlarged them from the book using the provided grid.  I then created mock ups and fitted them by draping.  The shoes were purchased several years ago from Bohemond and the garters are my Gardiners’ Company Garters.  I had made a laso but forgot it while trying to pack for the event.

I had tried to wear my hair down for the day but it was so hot that it went up in a pony tail with in about an hour.

I did fight in it and it worked wonderfully.  I can’t wait to wear it again.  I plan to next wear it at Ymir and by then I hope to have completed a matching Elizabethan short cloak that I can both wear with the armor and use as a parrying device.

The DC Heros and Villians, Photo by Jynette Mead

The DC Heros and Villians. Photo by Jynette Mead

Two Wonder Women, Two of the Populace Choice Winners, Photo by Tannis Baldwin

Two Wonder Women. Two of the Populace Choice Winners. Photo by Tannis Baldwin


The Participants of the Atlantian Hero's and Villians Garb Challenge. Everyone did an amazing job. Photo by Cheryn Rapp

The Participants of the Atlantian Hero’s and Villains Garb Challenge. Everyone did an amazing job. Photo by Cheryn Rapp

It’s been quite some time since I last posted but that doesn’t mean that I have been idle.  We took the summer off of eventing and spent it doing tons of work around the house, traveling, and finished it up with Dragon*Con.

We planted a garden.

We trimmed up all the shrubs, mulched the garden area, redid two planting beds, cleaned out tons of vines, and power washed the house.

We had a ton of fun at Dragon*Con.

I made a sweet new steampunk costume.

picture by James Morrow

picture by James Morrow

On the way home we made a detour at Ikea.  Got lots of great ideas for some more home project plans including my upcoming sewing room reorganization & redecoration project.

The dogs missed us like crazy.

2013-08-15 18.29.20

I reorganized and rearranged the sewing room.  The work flow is so much more efficient now.

And I’ve been working on my Wonder Woman rapier armor for Coronation.  It’s now ready for trim so I can take it will me to my conference next week.

My fabric arrived on Friday although I didn’t know it had arrived until Saturday morning because I mistakenly thought it was a grill cover that I had also ordered.

I’m planning on getting it washed tonight so I can get started on something this weekend.  Although I may start the braid first since that will take the longest.


Linen for lining

Linen for lining

I enjoyed the My Little Pony Norse project so much that by Tournament of Friends I had decided I needed to do it again.  And I needed new rapier armor.  And wouldn’t it be fun if I based it on my all time favorite super hero: Wonder Woman.

Last weekend I placed my fabric order.

And because the fates are what they are today the next Atlantian Garb Challenge was announced: Heros vs Villians. Awesome.

Linen for doublet

Linen for doublet

Linen for pants

Linen for pants

I debated blogging about the project but I have decided to go ahead and do it.  I have several tutorials for the blog I want to do videos for that I could do as part of the project.  Plus with the announcement of the challenge I think it would be cool if a bunch of us blogged about our projects.

So here we are.

Silk to make the braided trim.

Silk to make the braided trim.

Sunday I ordered my linen.  I chose Firecracker Red for the doublet but in the end I decided on making a silk braid.

What a coincidence.  The silk for the braid arrived this afternoon.

Twilight Sparkle Inspired Norse

Twilight Sparkle Inspired Norse

Well, its been over a month and a half since the event I made this garb for (almost two months at this point) but the weekend before last we had a small local event and I finally wore my Twilight Sparkle inspired Norse.

The whole ensemble is machine sewn but hand finished.  The under gown is purple linen, the apron dress is a tabby woven wool, and the over coat (or caftan) is made of fulled wool flannel.  I received the tablet woven belt as a gift several years ago and I purchased the broaches from Raymond’s Quiet Press.  I really enjoyed making this outfit, more than I expected to enjoy making Norse clothing.

Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy

Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy

We even got a chance to get most of the ponies together for a quick photo opportunity (sadly Pinky Pie was still packed away in tubs from Gulf Wars).

I think I might do this again. I do need new rapier armor.

I really debated doing and Ymir recap.

You see, I put off posting about my Twilight Sparkle inspired Norse that I made for the event thinking I would do a big Ymir Event/Project post.  It wasn’t like it was a super-secret project or anything but I was really pushing myself to finish it as well as a Norse ensemble for my husband and I didn’t take time to post about either of them.  But the event…well, let’s just say I have had better Ymirs.

While my husband looked smashing in his Norse I didn’t get any pictures (he was marshaling the heavy tournament all day) and I didn’t even get to wear mine.  I did wear my very warm, very nice wool jerkin, but I had to whip stitch it closed in the front because the fabric I had brought with me for finishing up the buttons made the most horrid, awful buttons that I would rather have sewn myself into it than spent one more moment making ugly buttons that I would just have had to remake anyway.  It wasn’t ideal (sewing the jerking closed meant it was a little poochy/bunchy in the front where it should have overlapped to button) but it worked, I was warm, and only one person noticed.

It was a very pretty Ymir.  It was cold and brisk and we had a light snowfall and flurries all day but it didn’t stick to anything.  The kind of snowfall that would have been great for pictures…if I had taken any.  I didn’t get to fight in the tournament like I had planned but I did get to watch my apprentice win it.  I participated in the White Scarf Challenge and got in a few pickups.  I was disappointed that the Black Sword Tourney was allowed to run opposite the White Scarf Challenge.

So, now I need to get pictures up of the Norse ensembles I finished and the completed jerkin.  I had hoped to get pictures done this weekend but it looks like it will be later this week (Wed, Thursday, or Friday).

Blue Wool Jerkin

Blue Wool Jerkin

A man's hat made of burgundy fulled wool with tablet woven trim.

A man’s hat made of burgundy fulled wool with tablet woven trim.

After a very busy and quiet November and December this weekend was very productive project-wise.

On Saturday I made the blue wool jerkin that you see to the left to help keep me warm while fencing at ymir.  At this point all it needs is to have the lining sewn down in the arms and buttons and button holes.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turns out.  It’s a little big because I haven’t taken my doublet pattern in yet but it still looks really nice.

Sunday, before Baronial practice, I made a Norse cap for my husband for Ymir.  It went together way more quickly than I was expecting. I started from scratch around 9am, drafted a pattern, cut it out, fitted it, sewed the cap together, butterflied and stitched down the seams, hemmed it, had lunch, and added the trim all before noon.  He loved it and wore it all day.

As a state employee I have today off for the holiday and I have finally taken the time to updated several of my project pages that were badly in need of updating.  I still need to replace a lot of my pictures but one thing at a time. 🙂

The surcoat is complete!  Just in time for Crown.  I am pretty pleased with how it came out.  I may even need to make one for myself by Gulf Wars.  I’ve uploaded some pictures into my gallery.  Hopefully I will get some more good ones at Crown.

Heraldic Surcoat (November 2012) Gaston Fighting in Fall Crown 2012. Picture by Tannis Baldwin

Heraldic Surcoat (November 2012)
Gaston Fighting in Fall Crown 2012. Picture by Tannis Baldwin

Lion applique on back piece before detailing

When last we left our intrepid heroin the fabric for her project had not yet arrived. Thankfully it arrived the next day.

I got the sleeves and body cut out the next week but with Coronation followed directly by War of the Wings (for which we were running and encampment and hosting Gardiner’s…it was AWESOME!) I didn’t get a chance to start the applique until this weekend.

The Most Important Sewing Notion of All (TM)

After I had assembled the back pieces (and cut out two pretty sweet white lions) I acquired The Most Important Sewing Notion of All (TM) and got to work. It took me about 2.5-3 hours to finish the outline and about another hour – 1.5 hours to finish the detail. I still have to add the crosses on the flanks but so far I think it looks pretty good. Now if I could just summon the internal fortitude to finish the pluderhosen for Wistric.