I had a wonderful day at Atlantian Fall Crown this past Saturday.  I was very honored to be fought for by my husband, Master Gaston Valmont.  Our friends Efenwalt and Talento heralded for us.  It’s been posted on Facebook but below is footage of our procession.  Enjoy!

Gaston looked great in his surcoat and I told him if we decide to do it again I will make us matching banners since, after all these years, we still don’t have any. 🙂

The surcoat is complete!  Just in time for Crown.  I am pretty pleased with how it came out.  I may even need to make one for myself by Gulf Wars.  I’ve uploaded some pictures into my gallery.  Hopefully I will get some more good ones at Crown.

Heraldic Surcoat (November 2012) Gaston Fighting in Fall Crown 2012. Picture by Tannis Baldwin

Heraldic Surcoat (November 2012)
Gaston Fighting in Fall Crown 2012. Picture by Tannis Baldwin

Surcoat made for the current Baron of Windmasters’ Hill based on the same pattern I will be using for my husband’s new surcoat.

So my fabric was supposed to arrive yesterday but sadly it did not.  It is supposedly out for delivery today according to UPS so hopefully there will be something waiting for me when I get home.

So while I had hoped there would be something cool to post today sadly there is not.  Hopefully that will change by tomorrow or Thursday.  Until then feel free to browse the surcoats on my 14th Century Martial Effigies Pinterest Board for fun and inspiration.

The surcoat I am making is not based on any of these examples from the time period.  It will be made from the same pattern I used to make the baronial surcoat for the current Baron of Windmasters’ Hill.  But I have found these effigies to be a great resource for other surcoat projects I am planning.

My husband’s last heraldic surcoat which I made in 2006. His new one will be the same design but done in his colors.

Yesterday I ordered fabric for a new project: a heraldic surcoat for my husband.  He hasn’t had one since he was made a Pelican and gave back is squire’s belt so it’s high time that was fixed.

I ordered red, blue, and white linen from fabric-store.com yesterday afternoon and by dinner last night it had shipped out.  I should receive it by Monday.  And with the coupon code I had and the store credit I had accumulated with my points I was able to get all the fabric for his surcoat and fabric for the ottoman cover I need to make for less than $10 including shipping.  Score!