Inside the Fort (Picture by Victoria Dye)

While I have been doing some project work since Crown the bulk of my spare time has been spent working on a web project for our local dive shop so I haven’t really had a lot to post about, unless of course you think upgrading Joomla is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

However, this weekend I took a bit of a break and we packed up the car and headed north to Dogwood Farms and the Gardiner’s Company work weekend.

Coty spent the bulk of his time working out in the fort with the guys while I spent most of my day with the gals working on smocks and coifs for the Gardiner’s store.  We got a ton of stuff acomplished.

I had a great time hanging out and getting to see everyone.

The fort looks awesome.  It’s really coming along and I can’t wait for the next muster.  We’ve been making pretty good headway on the store too.  I even purchased a new pair of trunkhose for myself on the trip. 😉

This past weekend was Gardiner’s Company Fall Muster and I had a fabulous time.

Projects Started and Completed:

Coty wearing his new blue trunkhose.

I started one new sewing project for Fall Muster: a new pair of linen trunk hose for my husband.  I also wanted to finish a linen fencing doublet that I had started for myself several months ago.

I finished the trunk hose without any issue.  I have made at least 10 pairs of pants based off of this pattern at this point so putting them together went really quickly.  Something I did do differently this time though was to include a pocket!  He loved them and they looked great.  The only issue was that he has lost some weight since I took the measurement for the waistband and they were a little loose.  I’m going to have to find a temporary solution to take them in until he’s lost another inch or so since I don’t want to have to redo the waist band until he has lost at least 2-3 inches.  Eventually though I will take the waist band off, recut it, and pleat the pants back into the new waist band.

I made a noble effort on the doublet but I didn’t quite get it done.  I still need to tack down the lining at the armscyes and the waist, make buttons and buttonholes, and put in eyelets for pointing my armor for C&T.

Burgundy wool Venetians.

I did wear my burgundy wool Venetians though.

Non-clothing related projects I managed to complete were cleaning and rebluing my helm, gorget, and shoulders.  I’m not really happy with how my shoulders turned out though so I’m thinking about redoing them.  I also cleaned up my shoes, which were desperately in need of it.

Trip Up:

Our trip up was blissfully uneventful.  We stopped for a lovely dinner in Clarksville at Gino’s, a little local pizza place.  It was really tasty!


We started the morning off with pike drill.  Thankfully at this point I do remember most of it although I do always appreciate the run through.  I was also very gratified that this muster’s drill proved to my husband that “jaunty hand” was indeed an integral part of the drill.  We went through all the positions, commands, and charges and then Master Hamilton proceeded to march us around the field.  I would say it was quite successful…we only hit a couple trees.


Goff in the afternoon was by far my favorite part of muster.  Many of you may know it better as cambok.  Robert and Isobel had picked up some excellent leather balls for the game and Coty had made several new goff sticks out of red oak and ash as proof of concepts so he could see what he needed to change about his design.  I had a fabulous time playing goff.  Our games did get a bit rowdy but thanks to the 5 year old who was also playing things didn’t get too out of hand.

Target Practice:

This muster marked the first time I participated in black powder target practice.  I fired one of the calivers.  It was very cool but I think I’ll stick with pike.

Trip Back:

Sunday we helped with take down and stayed for the meeting.  Our trip home was as blissfully uneventful as our trip up.  We did stop for lunch again in Clarksville and this time we ate at The Lamppost Restaurant and Lounge.  It was really tasty!

To Do List for Next Event:

Things I need to do before the next event (although some of this probably won’t be done ‘til at least Pennsic):

1.       Purchase a breast and back

2.       Replace all my stockings-Ugh!  I hate them all and they MUST go!

3.       Make new silk garters

4.       Make an actual arming doublet

5.       Purchase new boots

6.       Make a new falling band

*Special thanks to Drea for taking the pictures!