Wonder Woman rapier armor.  Completed October 2013 for the Atlantian Heros and Villians Garb Challenge

Wonder Woman rapier armor. Completed October 2013 for the Atlantian Heros and Villains Garb Challenge

2013-10-05 13.24.58If you follow my Facebook page (And you really should.  There’s awesome stuff there!) you got to see some sneak peaks of my new Wonder Woman inspired rapier armor.  Well, here it is.  It’s finally finished.

As you know from my earlier posts I worked on this project for the Atlantian Heros and Villains Garb Challenge held at Atlantian Fall Coronation.

It’s made of medium weight linen, machine sewn and hand finished.  The braid, a cotton blend sutash braid, was hand applied and the buttons were hand made cloth buttons made to match the braid and the gold linen lining.  The stars on the side of the Venetians were appliqued by machine.

All of the patterns were created from garments featured in Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion.  I enlarged them from the book using the provided grid.  I then created mock ups and fitted them by draping.  The shoes were purchased several years ago from Bohemond and the garters are my Gardiners’ Company Garters.  I had made a laso but forgot it while trying to pack for the event.

I had tried to wear my hair down for the day but it was so hot that it went up in a pony tail with in about an hour.

I did fight in it and it worked wonderfully.  I can’t wait to wear it again.  I plan to next wear it at Ymir and by then I hope to have completed a matching Elizabethan short cloak that I can both wear with the armor and use as a parrying device.

The DC Heros and Villians, Photo by Jynette Mead

The DC Heros and Villians. Photo by Jynette Mead

Two Wonder Women, Two of the Populace Choice Winners, Photo by Tannis Baldwin

Two Wonder Women. Two of the Populace Choice Winners. Photo by Tannis Baldwin


The Participants of the Atlantian Hero's and Villians Garb Challenge. Everyone did an amazing job. Photo by Cheryn Rapp

The Participants of the Atlantian Hero’s and Villains Garb Challenge. Everyone did an amazing job. Photo by Cheryn Rapp

Twilight Sparkle Inspired Norse

Twilight Sparkle Inspired Norse

Well, its been over a month and a half since the event I made this garb for (almost two months at this point) but the weekend before last we had a small local event and I finally wore my Twilight Sparkle inspired Norse.

The whole ensemble is machine sewn but hand finished.  The under gown is purple linen, the apron dress is a tabby woven wool, and the over coat (or caftan) is made of fulled wool flannel.  I received the tablet woven belt as a gift several years ago and I purchased the broaches from Raymond’s Quiet Press.  I really enjoyed making this outfit, more than I expected to enjoy making Norse clothing.

Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy

Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy

We even got a chance to get most of the ponies together for a quick photo opportunity (sadly Pinky Pie was still packed away in tubs from Gulf Wars).

I think I might do this again. I do need new rapier armor.

I really debated doing and Ymir recap.

You see, I put off posting about my Twilight Sparkle inspired Norse that I made for the event thinking I would do a big Ymir Event/Project post.  It wasn’t like it was a super-secret project or anything but I was really pushing myself to finish it as well as a Norse ensemble for my husband and I didn’t take time to post about either of them.  But the event…well, let’s just say I have had better Ymirs.

While my husband looked smashing in his Norse I didn’t get any pictures (he was marshaling the heavy tournament all day) and I didn’t even get to wear mine.  I did wear my very warm, very nice wool jerkin, but I had to whip stitch it closed in the front because the fabric I had brought with me for finishing up the buttons made the most horrid, awful buttons that I would rather have sewn myself into it than spent one more moment making ugly buttons that I would just have had to remake anyway.  It wasn’t ideal (sewing the jerking closed meant it was a little poochy/bunchy in the front where it should have overlapped to button) but it worked, I was warm, and only one person noticed.

It was a very pretty Ymir.  It was cold and brisk and we had a light snowfall and flurries all day but it didn’t stick to anything.  The kind of snowfall that would have been great for pictures…if I had taken any.  I didn’t get to fight in the tournament like I had planned but I did get to watch my apprentice win it.  I participated in the White Scarf Challenge and got in a few pickups.  I was disappointed that the Black Sword Tourney was allowed to run opposite the White Scarf Challenge.

So, now I need to get pictures up of the Norse ensembles I finished and the completed jerkin.  I had hoped to get pictures done this weekend but it looks like it will be later this week (Wed, Thursday, or Friday).

I had a wonderful day at Atlantian Fall Crown this past Saturday.  I was very honored to be fought for by my husband, Master Gaston Valmont.  Our friends Efenwalt and Talento heralded for us.  It’s been posted on Facebook but below is footage of our procession.  Enjoy!

Gaston looked great in his surcoat and I told him if we decide to do it again I will make us matching banners since, after all these years, we still don’t have any. 🙂

I have a great idea for a fundraiser event.  In fact I like it so much I’m even considering submitting this as a bid for one of our local events.

*Warning: A sense of humor is required to read below this point.  Violators will probably be horrified*

Here’s the plan:

We start off setting up a fundraiser separate from the event for whatever cause you want: support the local group, random A&S newsletter #1, generic travel fund x, etc.  Really, it’s whatever you want but the point is to set it up as its own separate thing for people to donate to.  Event fees, etc should not go into the fund raiser and should be kept separate according to local, Kingdom, and Society SOP.

Now that the fundraiser is set up, we can start planning our event.  The point is that you can “level up” your event experience by donating to the fundraiser.

Let’s call the event Generic Event XX.  Say you hate the name Generic Event XX and don’t understand why we can’t call it Ymir like we do every year.  You want the event to be called Ymir?  That will require a donation to the fundraiser.  The name of the event is Generic Event XX until the fundraiser has reached $200.  At that point we can call it Ymir.  But if the fundraiser only raises $150…well I’m afraid you and all your friends will be spending your weekend at Generic Event XX.

Generic Event XX will only have C&T and Thrown Weapons.  Want to have Heavy Fighting?  I’m afraid the fundraiser will need to make $500 before we can have Heavy Fighting.  Traditional thrust based rapier?  We’ll need to raise $600.  Archery?  We’ll need to raise $700 before we can allow that.  Oh, and the tournament is going to be a single elimination dice tourney unless the fundraiser makes at least $800.

So you say you don’t care about fighting?  Let them suffer?  You will be perfectly happy to come to the event as is and display your hand forged widgets that you have been working on for 3 years, you say?  Well, I’m afraid there won’t be any A&S activities at all unless we raise $500.  And if you want our A&S coordinator to arrange for judges we’ll need to raise $700.  $800 if you want judges that have ever seen A&S before.

Feast is going to run in much the same way.  Generic Event XX is going to have Mac and Cheese for feast.  Want something else?  We’ll need to have raised at least $800 before we can have anything other than Mac and Cheese.  You say you need 2 proteins and at least 3 veggie’s?  Well, I hope the fund raiser makes at least $900.  Feast just isn’t feast if it isn’t documentable and has at least 4 removes?  We’ll tell your friends to donate to our fundraiser because we’re going to need to have raised at least $1100 before we can get a cook that understands research and documentation.  $1200 if you want feast cooked by anyone who has ever cooked a feast before.

Now, children’s activities will be set up a little differently because I understand parents can’t just leave their kids at home (please note children’s activities will be mandatory for children age 3-5 and strongly suggested for children age 5-10).  That’s why there will be a kiddie corral at the gate for you to leave your kids.  There will be a $20 fee per child for children’s activities and for that they will get to run around the corral all day, eat sandwiches, and color.  There is no fee to pick your children up but please note that all children brought to children’s activities will be given a triple shot of espresso and a Border Collie puppy.  If you don’t want your child to receive a triple shot of espresso and a Border Collie puppy you will need to make a $100 donation to our fundraiser.  If you think your puppy would have a better life with someone else’s family we will gladly give the puppy to the family of your choice for a $50 donation.  However, your child will still receive the triple shot of espresso.  If you think this is the absolute worse idea you have ever heard of for children’s activities then the fundraiser will need to make at least $1500.  Once it has made at least $1500 a fully qualified Minister of Youth will be brought in to organize children’s activities and a clown will be hired for the day.  Hate clowns?  Well, if the fundraiser raises at least $2000 dollars we’ll send the clown to some other group’s event.

I think this is a fabulous idea.  It really gives people the opportunity to have more input into an event and really affect their event experience while helping to raise money for whatever excellent cause the hosting group picks.  And it can be fully tailored to whatever fundraising need the hosting group has.

Generic Event XX!  It could be coming soon to a local group near you!

Last weekend Drea and I drove up to Atlantian Kingdom Arts and Science Festival.  We had a fabulous time and I got to spend some much needed time just hanging out and seeing friends that I hardly ever get to see.  I also got to see many well deserve people get recognized for their research and arts.  Plus we got to enjoy a exciting adventure through the wilds of Virginia on the way to dinner with Mathilde.  Thankfully the trip home was blessedly uneventful we arrived home right around 11pm.

I am really trying to get back in the habit of taking pictures at events and I took lots of pictures at KASF.  They are up in my SmugMug gallery if you would like to take a look.

This past weekend was Atlantian 12th Night and I had a lovely time.

We got a late start on the weekend due to trying to finish up some last minute projects and packing took a lot longer than we had expected.  But we did eventually make it down to the hotel after stopping on the way down to deliver the 12th Night project I had been working on.  I spent a lovely couple of hours hanging out and chatting with people before heading to the room which we were sharing with The Best Exit Buddies Ever(TM).

Getting ready Saturday morning was a bit stressful due to a slight wardrobe malfunction but I managed to get the lacing strip sewn back into my doublet.  It held up great all day so all that time I spent worrying about it at the event was completely wasted.

The theme for this year’s 12th Night was the court of Emperor Maximillian I and I made a leather doublet and paned trunkhose for His Majesty.  Unfortunately I neglected to take pictures (even after bringing the camera to the event!) but several were taken by other photographers and if I can get permission to share their pictures I will post them here.  The doublet and trunkhose did turn out rather well and I was very pleased with them.  It was the most wonderful, buttery soft leather that I have ever worked with.  It really was lovely.

Feast was quite tasty and the post revel was very nice.  My husband was a champ and helped with clean up at the site right up til the bitter end.  He really is quite wonderful but don’t tell him I said so. 😉

Practice Sunday was fun if freezing and afterward we enjoyed tasty tasty Mexican with friends before heading home.

All in all I had a great time.


This past weekend was Gardiner’s Company Fall Muster and I had a fabulous time.

Projects Started and Completed:

Coty wearing his new blue trunkhose.

I started one new sewing project for Fall Muster: a new pair of linen trunk hose for my husband.  I also wanted to finish a linen fencing doublet that I had started for myself several months ago.

I finished the trunk hose without any issue.  I have made at least 10 pairs of pants based off of this pattern at this point so putting them together went really quickly.  Something I did do differently this time though was to include a pocket!  He loved them and they looked great.  The only issue was that he has lost some weight since I took the measurement for the waistband and they were a little loose.  I’m going to have to find a temporary solution to take them in until he’s lost another inch or so since I don’t want to have to redo the waist band until he has lost at least 2-3 inches.  Eventually though I will take the waist band off, recut it, and pleat the pants back into the new waist band.

I made a noble effort on the doublet but I didn’t quite get it done.  I still need to tack down the lining at the armscyes and the waist, make buttons and buttonholes, and put in eyelets for pointing my armor for C&T.

Burgundy wool Venetians.

I did wear my burgundy wool Venetians though.

Non-clothing related projects I managed to complete were cleaning and rebluing my helm, gorget, and shoulders.  I’m not really happy with how my shoulders turned out though so I’m thinking about redoing them.  I also cleaned up my shoes, which were desperately in need of it.

Trip Up:

Our trip up was blissfully uneventful.  We stopped for a lovely dinner in Clarksville at Gino’s, a little local pizza place.  It was really tasty!


We started the morning off with pike drill.  Thankfully at this point I do remember most of it although I do always appreciate the run through.  I was also very gratified that this muster’s drill proved to my husband that “jaunty hand” was indeed an integral part of the drill.  We went through all the positions, commands, and charges and then Master Hamilton proceeded to march us around the field.  I would say it was quite successful…we only hit a couple trees.


Goff in the afternoon was by far my favorite part of muster.  Many of you may know it better as cambok.  Robert and Isobel had picked up some excellent leather balls for the game and Coty had made several new goff sticks out of red oak and ash as proof of concepts so he could see what he needed to change about his design.  I had a fabulous time playing goff.  Our games did get a bit rowdy but thanks to the 5 year old who was also playing things didn’t get too out of hand.

Target Practice:

This muster marked the first time I participated in black powder target practice.  I fired one of the calivers.  It was very cool but I think I’ll stick with pike.

Trip Back:

Sunday we helped with take down and stayed for the meeting.  Our trip home was as blissfully uneventful as our trip up.  We did stop for lunch again in Clarksville and this time we ate at The Lamppost Restaurant and Lounge.  It was really tasty!

To Do List for Next Event:

Things I need to do before the next event (although some of this probably won’t be done ‘til at least Pennsic):

1.       Purchase a breast and back

2.       Replace all my stockings-Ugh!  I hate them all and they MUST go!

3.       Make new silk garters

4.       Make an actual arming doublet

5.       Purchase new boots

6.       Make a new falling band

*Special thanks to Drea for taking the pictures!

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I know that I have been MIA since the middle of August.  There has been A LOT going on.  Part of the reason I haven’t written is because I wasn’t sure if I could keep all the pieces under wraps that I needed to keep under wraps if I was blogging so I just decided to take the safest road and not post about anything.  Plus, between work and planning there was not really any time to write anyway.

At Atlantian 30 Year my cadet Wistric Oftun was made a White Scarf.  Having broken his foot at Pennsic he inadvertently added a bit of a wrinkle to the plans but nothing that couldn’t be planned around and he did play his prize at 30 Year.  It was very awesome and I am rather proud of him.  His ceremony is available on YouTube for anyone who would like to watch it.

Last weekend at Coronation my husband was set on vigil and elevated to the Order of the Pelican.  The vigil was perfect, the ceremony was beautiful (we planned a virtues ceremony for him), and it was truly a wonderful event.  We did get video of his elevation ceremony as well but it’s not up on YouTube yet.

As you might imagine though there are a lot of stories from these past several weeks and you would be right.  🙂  I plan on spending the next few posts telling many of them but I thought I would start with one of my favorites: The Great 30 Year Debacle.

Since Wistric was going to be made a White Scarf in the morning at 30 Year before the fencing started we needed to be there early.  And as I’m currently conducting a rather extensive experiment regarding camping at events (which I will go into later) Coty and I decided to camp.  Well, maybe it went more like this:

Me: “I don’t really want to stay at the hotel for 30 Year.  Plus it’s pretty pricey.  Why don’t we camp?  We can get some people together and it will be fun!”

Coty: “Whatever you want to do, Princess.”

So we proceed to plan to camp.  It turned out though that pretty much everyone we talked to about camping had already made plans to either stay at a hotel or with friends.  So we we decided to try throwing in with the WH Baronial Camp.

And that brings us to Friday afternoon before 30 Year.  We’ve packed the truck and the trailer.  We have double checked that we have everything we need and we manage to leave the house on time at 3pm as planned.  Everything goes pretty smoothly until we get about 40 min from site.  That’s the point when, after driving 3o min down narrow switchbacks to get to site (which is supposed to be across the street from James Madison’s Montepellier), our Garmin decides to bring us to what we can only guess is the back door to the Montepellier estate because when our Garmin says “You have arrived at your destination” it’s a goat path leading to a cattle gate.

There is no place to turn around.  We’re on a narrow back country Virginia road with a trailer and an Expedition.  So we drive another 15 min down the road before we could find an abandoned store where we could turn around.  We drove back into town to ask directions at a gas station only to find out that we were going the right way but we didn’t go far enough.  (BTW, when the very nice person giving you directions tells you to “turn at the cross roads where the old ___ store used to be” make sure to clarify whether or not you will be able to recognize “the cross roads” or “where the old ___ store used to be” before you start.

So it’s back down the switch backs for us.

After another 40-45min down the winding switch backs, through “the cross roads” and past “where the old ___ store used to be” we make it to site and check in.  We are two hours late, it’s pitch black, and it takes us another 20 min to find the Windmasters’ Hill camp.  We finally find camp and some of our camp mates but it’s 9:00pm, we haven’t had dinner, and our camp steward has also been delayed so we don’t know where our tent should go.

So we do what the most sensible thing we can think of….

We drop the trailer off in parking so it’s not blocking camp and go find a hotel.  We spent the night at a very nice Best Western about 20 min from site.  They had a great restaurant where we had a fabulous dinner and a lovely breakfast.  The next morning we were back on site and set up our tent and dayshade with plenty of time to spare before things got started.

After the initial hiccups and the early morning rain on Saturday (which thankfully happened after we had set up) the event was fabulous.  My only regret was that after Wistric’s White Scarf Ceremony I could not get my head back together to go fight.  But it was still a lovely event.  I got to hang out with friends I don’t see often enough, watched the jousting, and enjoyed a lovely evening at the Elephant Stomp.


My Recreating Elizabethan Bodies tutorial is now available in the tutorial section of my website.  I got it uploaded over the weekend.

Grettir has also made the class notes for is I.33-Liechtenauer Symposium available online.  You can download them here.

This past weekend was Atlantian Crown.  I had a fabulous time but, as usual, I brought my camera and didn’t take it out all day.  I really need to stop that!

Finally, I spent most of Sunday working on it and I’m now nearly finished with my current Foundations Revealed article.  Now I’m hoping that if I really dedicate the rest of the week to it and don’t allow myself to get distracted I can finish it early and possibly be free to day trip Tourney of Friends this weekend.  We’ll see how it goes.