Red Wool Petticoat

I made this petticoat in the summer of 2007. Every good Elizabethan woman needs a red petticoat and I had wanted to start doing more hand sewing. This seemed like a nice, simple first project and I estimate that it probably took me about 10-12 hours to complete it. It’s made of red wool flannel and the waist band is wool flannel backed with fustian. The petticoat itself is made up of 3 rectangular panels that are 60 inches wide (the full width of the fabric). When sewing my petticoat I followed the method laid out by Laura Mellin in her article “The Elizabethan Seam: Sewing by hand effectively, strongly, elegantly”. First I hemmed the edges of the petticoat panels and then I assembled them by whip stitching them together. I then cartridge pleated the body of the petticoat to the waist band and hemmed it.

I was very pleased with how it turned out. The panels lay perfectly flat against each other and it looks fantastic.

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