Scarletwork Forehead Cloth

I completed this forehead cloth in August of 2009 to go with the scarletwork coif that I completed earlier this year. As with the coif it is worked in red silk and completely hand sewn. The design was created by Laura Mellin, owner of Extreme Costuming. In fact it is the same design that I used for my coif. I simply adapted it for use as a forehead cloth.

Because the cloth will be worn primarily under my coif I chose not to add the fill stitches to the leaves that I did in my coif. The ties are fingerloop braids made from the same red silk as the embroidery. I also have not yet added the edge stitches. I’m not completely sure that I did them correctly when I made my coif and I want to talk to a few people and get their feedback before adding them to the forehead cloth. For more pictures of this item please see my gallery.

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