If you follow my Facebook page (And you really should.  There’s awesome stuff there!) you got to see some sneak peaks of my new Wonder Woman inspired rapier armor.  Well, here it is.  It’s finally finished.

As you know from my earlier posts I worked on this project for the Atlantian Heros and Villains Garb Challenge held at Atlantian Fall Coronation.

It’s made of medium weight linen, machine sewn and hand finished.  The braid, a cotton blend sutash braid, was hand applied and the buttons were hand made cloth buttons made to match the braid and the gold linen lining.  The stars on the side of the Venetians were appliquéd by machine.

All of the patterns were created from garments featured in Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion.  I enlarged them from the book using the provided grid.  I then created mock ups and fitted them by draping.  The shoes were purchased several years ago from Bohemond and the garters are my Gardiners’ Company Garters.  I had made a laso but forgot it while trying to pack for the event.

I had tried to wear my hair down for the day but it was so hot that it went up in a pony tail with in about an hour.

I did fight in it and it worked wonderfully.  I can’t wait to wear it again.  I plan to next wear it at Ymir and by then I hope to have completed a matching Elizabethan short cloak that I can both wear with the armor and use as a parrying device.

The DC Heros and Villians. Photo by Jynette Mead

Two Wonder Women. Two of the Populace Choice Winners. Photo by Tannis Baldwin

The Participants of the Atlantian Hero’s and Villains Garb Challenge. Everyone did an amazing job. Photo by Cheryn Rapp