I have decided to participate in the A&S 50 Challenge as a fun and interesting way to further explore and develope the London Master of Defense persona that I have entered previously into the Persona Pentathalon competition at Atlantian KASF.

  1. Putting it all Together: Pratical Applications of Silver’s Theories for Traditional Thrust-based SCA Rapier Combat PowerPoint Presentation (Class based on my Feb. 2007 research paper. Atlantian University, June 2007)
  2. Read Swetnam’s The Schoole of the Noble and Worthy Science of Defence (Nov. 2007)
  3. Read Machiavelli’s The Prince (Dec. 2007)
  4. Black Silk Doublet (Jan. 2008)
  5. Black Silk Truckhose (Jan. 2008)
  6. Silver’s Gryps and Clozes (Mar. 2008)
  7. Black Linen Fencing Doublet (Jun. 2008)
  8. Red Linen Trunkhose (Jun. 2008)
  9. George Silver’s Bref Instructions Upon My Paradoxes of Defense (revised Nov. 2008)
  10. An Analyzation of George Silver’s Paradoxes of Defense: Comparing the Theories of George Silver with Those of Vincentio Saviolo and Giacomo di Grassi (revised Nov. 2008)
  11. Swetnam: His Principal Rules and Guards for Rapier and Dagger (Dec. 2008)
  12. The Footwork of Di Grassi (revised Feb. 2009)
  13. Blue Linen Fencing Doublet (May 2009)
  14. The Fight of Joseph Swetnam with Rapier and Dagger: Thrusts and Passages (Sept. 2009)
  15. White Linen Bias Cut Stockings (April 2010)
  16. Cloth Hosen and Stockings of the 16th-17th Centuries (April 2010)
  17. Introduction to the Structure of the Duel in Early Modern England (June 2010)
  18. Blue Linen Trunkhose (November 2011)

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