Twilight Sparkle Inspired Norse

Twilight Sparkle Inspired Norse

Well, its been over a month and a half since the event I made this garb for (almost two months at this point) but the weekend before last we had a small local event and I finally wore my Twilight Sparkle inspired Norse.

The whole ensemble is machine sewn but hand finished.  The under gown is purple linen, the apron dress is a tabby woven wool, and the over coat (or caftan) is made of fulled wool flannel.  I received the tablet woven belt as a gift several years ago and I purchased the broaches from Raymond’s Quiet Press.  I really enjoyed making this outfit, more than I expected to enjoy making Norse clothing.

Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy

Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy

We even got a chance to get most of the ponies together for a quick photo opportunity (sadly Pinky Pie was still packed away in tubs from Gulf Wars).

I think I might do this again. I do need new rapier armor.


  1. I love your site (& am a little jealous that you snagged this URL before I did :), & I gave you a Very Inspiring Blogger award at

    • I saw that when I was reading your blog on Friday. I was really touched that you gave me the award since I have always found your blog so inspiring. :)

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