Blue Wool Jerkin

Blue Wool Jerkin

A man's hat made of burgundy fulled wool with tablet woven trim.

A man’s hat made of burgundy fulled wool with tablet woven trim.

After a very busy and quiet November and December this weekend was very productive project-wise.

On Saturday I made the blue wool jerkin that you see to the left to help keep me warm while fencing at ymir.  At this point all it needs is to have the lining sewn down in the arms and buttons and button holes.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turns out.  It’s a little big because I haven’t taken my doublet pattern in yet but it still looks really nice.

Sunday, before Baronial practice, I made a Norse cap for my husband for Ymir.  It went together way more quickly than I was expecting. I started from scratch around 9am, drafted a pattern, cut it out, fitted it, sewed the cap together, butterflied and stitched down the seams, hemmed it, had lunch, and added the trim all before noon.  He loved it and wore it all day.

As a state employee I have today off for the holiday and I have finally taken the time to updated several of my project pages that were badly in need of updating.  I still need to replace a lot of my pictures but one thing at a time. 🙂

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