c1900-1910 Davis Sewing Machine

c1900-1910 Davis Sewing Machine

Surely I am not the only one that gets themselves Christmas presents.  Right?  Bueller?  Well I am very excited to share this years will all of you.

This weekend, while on one of our usual weekend adventures, my husband and I found, buried in a little shop on Hillsborough St. in Raleigh, a Davis sewing machine in amazing condition.

Our research dates the machine to c1900-1910 when Davis made a nearly identical machine called the “Minnesota” which came in several models and was sold to Singer.  The same model, sold by the Davis Sewing Machine Company, was simply branded “Davis”.

Now I have been on the lookout for a pedal sewing machine for probably darn near a decade and while

Sewing machine with cabinet closed

Sewing machine with cabinet closed

I have seen many machines and come close to buying a couple I am glad that I waited because I have never seen one in this good of a condition.

The cabinet is gorgeous and the only damage I have found is that the lock cover between the two right hand draws is missing.  Everything else is in amazing condition.

Medallion on the sewing machine's base

Medallion on the sewing machine’s base

The machine itself is in lovely working condition and came with two belts (one never used) and a full box of attachments.  The decorations and designs are also in fabulous condition.  I really wish we still made sewing machines this beautiful.

More pictures are available on my Smug Mug gallery if you would like to look through them.


All I need is a needle (which I have been able to easily find on ebay) and I will be taking this baby out for a test drive.  I can’t wait.

Maybe I should make something from the period….

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  1. I have a treadle sewing machine upstairs. It can use regular singer sewing needles, so you may want to check :).

    And it can sew through leather. Mine isn’t in as good a shape as yours, but it’s still usable and an awesome piece of machinery.

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