Surcoat made for the current Baron of Windmasters’ Hill based on the same pattern I will be using for my husband’s new surcoat.

So my fabric was supposed to arrive yesterday but sadly it did not.  It is supposedly out for delivery today according to UPS so hopefully there will be something waiting for me when I get home.

So while I had hoped there would be something cool to post today sadly there is not.  Hopefully that will change by tomorrow or Thursday.  Until then feel free to browse the surcoats on my 14th Century Martial Effigies Pinterest Board for fun and inspiration.

The surcoat I am making is not based on any of these examples from the time period.  It will be made from the same pattern I used to make the baronial surcoat for the current Baron of Windmasters’ Hill.  But I have found these effigies to be a great resource for other surcoat projects I am planning.

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