I need new rapier armor.  I made a doublet and a pair of Venetians last year but I need at least two more doublets, a couple more pairs of trunkhose, and a jerkin or two.  So for inspiration I’ve started going through my copy of De Gheyn’s The Exercise of Armes.  The treatise is about training foot soldiers on the handling of such weapons as muskets, pikes, and calivers and as an added side benefit it is beautifully illustrated with over an hundred images of early c1607 dress.


Even if you aren’t interested in soldiering during the time period it makes a great resource for garb.  The variety of decoration, styles, and garments included in the images of the soldiers is a wealth of ideas.  You can see a few examples here in this post.  Once I’ve settled on my inspiration plates I will post them here with fabric samples for you guys.

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