I had meant to post this yesterday but I didn’t get it out before we got into the car to head for Atlantian University.  I decided to combine this weeks fitness and fighting post because this weeks post are both kinda introductory and I thought they would complement each other.


I have posted before in the past about my efforts to get healthy and fit but they always sorta fell flat.  I would do alright for a week or two (sometimes as many as 4) but then something would come up (I’d get sick, we’d go out of town, there would be a birthday/wedding/shower) and I would fall off the wagon and then spend the next 2 or 3 months wondering what the heck happened.

Last December I decided I was going to rededicate myself to fitness.  Since it was the holiday season I started slowly-just working on making it to the gym twice a week.  That went pretty well.  After Christmas I started focusing on what I was eating.  I tried a few different things but in April I settled back on Weight Watchers which has always helped my focus on better eating and exercise habits.

Right now I am hitting the gym twice a week, fencing practice at least once a week (trying to make twice a week a regular thing and not a pipe dream), and running once or twice a week.  I’d like to start hiking in Umstead at least once a week again now that it’s nice.

Currently I’m down about 15 pounds and about half way to my goal of being down 30 pounds by the end of August (ambitions but I think doable).

The thing I want to focus on this next week with jazzing up my weekly weight routine.  It’s gotten a little stale after 7 months.


So my fighting.  As part of getting healthy I am refocusing on my fighting.  I had been in a bit of a slump where I wasn’t enjoying it as much but that seems to have turned around sometime around Gulf Wars and now if I don’t get to fight at an event I’m pretty bummed.

I’m kinda rusty but the rust has been falling off over the past month or two.  Right now I’m trying to find a new way to challenge myself.

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