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I had a very nice weekend.

The weekend started with an amusing dinner at Twisted Kilt in north Raleigh.  The food was OK and I our waitress was a little green but I had a good time.

Saturday I slept in a bit but was up in plenty of time for my weight watchers meeting.  After getting back from my meeting I hopped in the truck with my husband and we headed over to Capital City Lumber.  They have awesome wood, a great hardwood selection, and I nice selection of items available either in stock or for custom order for decks, landscaping, and other outdoor projects.  I love that store.

Coty picked up some wood for his weekend projects and I found the wood for my mirror box.  It’s beautiful.

I spent most of the day doing laundry.  I didn’t get the yard work I wanted to done but I did get in a 2 mile run after lunch.  After my run I enjoyed a nice shower and head off for a fabulous spa appointment my husband booked me.  It was wonderful and I have the best husband ever.

After dinner I was feeling a bit run down so we did not go out as we go out like we had planned and I ended up going to bed early.

I was feeling better Sunday.  I went to the gym for an early morning workout and then ran a couple of errands on the way home.  After lunch I headed to fighter practice and had a pretty good time.  After practice I got a shower and we headed to north Raleigh to check out the Games Workshop store.  It was certainly cool although I was expecting it to be bigger.

We had dinner in N. Raleigh and then headed home to enjoy the season finale of Games of Thrones.

Overall it was a nice a weekend although I didn’t get as much done as I had wanted.  I did finish all the laundry but I had also wanted to get some sewing, yard work, and web work done.  Maybe after University.


  1. Bad Apprentice

    Who all showed up for practice?

    Am I correct in thinking that the Glastonbury chairs are actually finished?

    • Rory, Jason, Gavin, Malcolm, and myself.
      The Glastonbury chairs are not yet finished but should be by the end of this weekend. I am SUPER EXCITED!!!

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