The past several weeks (or months…) I have been working on ideas for how I want to organize my blog now that the blog is the whole kitten-kabudle and my old stand alone website has been full integrated into it.

You see there is a lot that goes on on a day-to-day basis in the Elizabethan Mafia world that I think “I should blog about that” and then I get further into the project and forget that I wanted to post about the whole brainstorming and research aspect before I started or I go to an event, do cool stuff, get back to the daily grind on Monday, and then by the time I have a chance to write about an event it’s Friday and everyone has already posted about it on Facebook and I’m pretty sure it’s far too late to get my post together (or I’m on my way to another event).

And then there is the cool day-in-the-life-of stuff that I want to post b/c this in my blog and I think it’s cool but it has nothing to do with historical clothing, fencing, or Elizabethan England and I worry that it doesn’t fit or no one cares but me.

But maybe I’m over-thinking it.

I’m probably over-thinking it.

But it’s my blog so I can.

I’ve decided to try applying organization to see if that helps.

So Mondays I’m going to write about what I did over the weekend.  Projects, events, the awesome sushi restaurant I went to with my darling hubby…it’s all fair game.

Tuesdays I am going to write specifically about sewing projects, project research, and project inspiration.

Wednesdays I am going to write about general SCA topics and culture.

Thursdays I am going to write about exercise, fitness, and my journey to get in shape.

Fridays I am going to talk about fighting.  My fighting, your fighting, historical fighting, fighting in the SCA, etc.

Saturdays I am going to write specifically about historical fighting, primarily English fighting style and systems.  If there is an event or if I’m planning on going out of town I am going to try to write it ahead of time and schedule it to post while I’m gone.

Sundays I’m going make a totally miscellaneous topics day.  If I have gotten questions during the week maybe I’ll do a Q&A post.  If I got video of the fighting at an event I might do a video post.  Or I might post random pictures of the drive home.  It’s going to be a totally free topic today.

We’ll see how it goes.  Guess I need to thinking about tomorrow’s post….



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