It took me longer than I would care to admit (although I am posting it…) to clean my armour after Gulf Wars but I finally finished cleaning, re-bluing, and waxing everything last weekend.  It still needs to be polished though.  I’m hoping I will be able to get that done tonight or Friday night before Baronial Practice Sunday.

This time I used a new bluing agent.  It was much stronger than the gun blue I was used to using and while it did give a much nicer blue I didn’t account for the stronger reaction when I waxed my armour so I didn’t put enough wax on the pieces to effectively stop the bluing process.  So I had to clean the pieces again Tuesday night.  All that considered though I think it still looks pretty good and I don’t think I will need to strip everything off and clean and blue it again.  We’ll see though.


  1. It’s Wednesday. Where is your Tuesday blog about sewing? 😛

    • Still in draft….

      I know! I suck. But I should be able to get it and today’s blog post both out tonight after the gym.

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