Time has simply been flying by.

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I posted.  When we first got back from Gulf Wars I was writing up my recap post in my head to send out later that week.  I even have a draft post written up on my computer.

Next thing I knew we were prepping for Tournoi d’Amite.  Then Coronation.  Then Golden Rose.  And now tomorrow is May Day.

What happened to my spring?

Gulf Wars was nice.  I had a great time.  The drive down and back was pretty uneventful with the small exception of needing to change a tire on the trailer in a Crystal’s parking lot outside of Atlanta.  Thankfully we noticed it when we stopped for lunch so there were no issues on the road while we were driving.  I had a good time.  Bought a new sword.  It was really hot.  We got a little water in the tent but we pulled out the canvas floor cloth and it wasn’t too bad.  None of our clothes got wet, just the armor bags.  I still have rust I need to clean off my helm. Gotta get that done this week.  Sadly the rapier battles were rather disappointing.  I ended up marshaling.  Learned things worth knowing for next year.

Had a good time at Tournoi.  Fought in the second tourney.  Did better than I expected once I got my head back in the game.  The whole day was a series of getting my head in the game, losing it, and getting it back on straight again.  It rained all morning. Learned I can fight just fine in my new pink rain boots.  They even matched my fencing doublet.

Coronation was great.  Had an even better time fighting.  The day was mostly melee training.  Was able to keep my head in the game pretty well (even if it is a different game than tournament).  It was really hot but I drank lots of water and remembered to take my helm off when not fighting so I could vent (I always forget how hot it can get over the winter and usually I get over heated at the first hot fighting event of the summer season).  No real issues with heat which I put down as a minor win.  Left a little early to get showered and try to find the fabled wine slushies.  Didn’t make it out of the hotel room before it was time for dinner.  Dinner with friends was fabulous.  The after party was awesome…until they told us we were too loud.

I marshaled for Golden Rose.

In the mean time between events my husband bought a new truck.  I ordered fabric for Pennsic projects.   I made a list of projects to work on for Pennsic.  I started working on projects for Pennsic.  Yes, the list does have unfinished GW projects on.  Yes I am working on the pulderhosen.  I took my Mom to see the Beach Boys in concert (50th Anniversary Tour) as an early Mother’s Day present.  I was not the youngest person there.  I did know all the songs.  I have been having a good time a fighter practice.  Still end up spending most of my time teaching others.  Need to spend more time working on my own fighting.  Prepping for Ruby Joust.  Working on classes for University.  Planning to enjoy a quiet summer getting stuff done on the hose and trying to keep our yard from looking like the Clampetts live there.

World keeps on spinning.

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