This past weekend was Atlantian 12th Night and I had a lovely time.

We got a late start on the weekend due to trying to finish up some last minute projects and packing took a lot longer than we had expected.  But we did eventually make it down to the hotel after stopping on the way down to deliver the 12th Night project I had been working on.  I spent a lovely couple of hours hanging out and chatting with people before heading to the room which we were sharing with The Best Exit Buddies Ever(TM).

Getting ready Saturday morning was a bit stressful due to a slight wardrobe malfunction but I managed to get the lacing strip sewn back into my doublet.  It held up great all day so all that time I spent worrying about it at the event was completely wasted.

The theme for this year’s 12th Night was the court of Emperor Maximillian I and I made a leather doublet and paned trunkhose for His Majesty.  Unfortunately I neglected to take pictures (even after bringing the camera to the event!) but several were taken by other photographers and if I can get permission to share their pictures I will post them here.  The doublet and trunkhose did turn out rather well and I was very pleased with them.  It was the most wonderful, buttery soft leather that I have ever worked with.  It really was lovely.

Feast was quite tasty and the post revel was very nice.  My husband was a champ and helped with clean up at the site right up til the bitter end.  He really is quite wonderful but don’t tell him I said so. 😉

Practice Sunday was fun if freezing and afterward we enjoyed tasty tasty Mexican with friends before heading home.

All in all I had a great time.



  1. I’m not certain that you followed me on LiveJournal — but I have moved to — I’ve folks on FB that I’d just as soon not know about the journal, you see (like my students).

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