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I made some progress on the To Do list:

  1. Finish commission up to hem
  2. Clean sewing room
  3. Clean bedroom
  4. Finish Mending
    1. Red trunkhose
    2. Blue fencing doublet
    3. Day shade
    4. Green doublet sleeves
  5. Make Shirt
  6. Make Brais
  7. Pattern Pourpoint
  8. Cut out pink doublet
  9. Cut out Wool jerkin
  10. Embroider on Jacket
  11. Cut out Coty’s suit
  12. Cut out Pluderhosen

I was going to finish the mending before moving onto anything else but once I had finished the day shade I needed to work on something else before finishing the blue doublet.  So I cut out and started assembling my pink fencing doublet.  I’ll finish the blue doublet sometime during the week.

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