While most of my friends are at Pennsic I’ve decided to take take this week to plow through some projects that have been sitting on my To Do list for a little too long.  The first thing I did was to actually write the list down:

  1. Finish commission up to hem
  2. Clean sewing room
  3. Clean bedroom
  4. Finish Mending
  5. Make Shirt
  6. Make Brais
  7. Pattern Pourpoint
  8. Cut out pink doublet
  9. Cut out Wool jerkin
  10. Embroider on Jacket?
  11. Cut out Coty’s suit
  12. Cut out Pluderhosen

I finished the first 3 today and I’ve been making good headway on the fourth this afternoon.

While cleaning up my sewing room (it was so bad I couldn’t find anything and it stressed me out just to be in there!) I found my new Venetians waiting to be put away and I realized I had never taken a picture of them for you.  So with out further ado here are pictures of the Venetians I finished in April/May.  Please excuse the mess in the guest bedroom and fact that they were taken with my cell phone.  The camera is still MIA.  I’ll be taking better pictures for the website once I’ve found the camera.

Front view of my new Venetians.

Side view of my new Venetians.

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