So just a few days after my last post I formally accepted a Regulatory Associate position with the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.  I’m very excited about this new opportunity.  Since accepting the position I’ve been working furiously to get everything ready in my current lab for the transition.  I start the new position on June 6th which thankfully has given me just about a full month to make sure that everything is good to go.  This has meant though that by the time I’ve been able to make it home from work and get something for dinner I’ve been pretty much completely exhausted and haven’t been able to get much work done on projects.  But that should change in just a few more weeks. 🙂

To update you on the article I was working on when I last posted, I wasn’t able to get it finished during the week so I ended up skipping Tourney of Friends to finish it up and get it turned in.  I was sorry to have to miss the event but it worked out for the best (plus my hubby was able to make it and had a marvelous time).

I did finally accomplish some sewing this weekend.  I managed to finish a bunch of mending and alterations and I’m very pleased with how things have come out.  The last alteration I need to finish is altering the sleeves on an older doublet.  Sadly I’ve never worn this doublet because I didn’t notice the issue until after it was finished and by then I couldn’t bring my self to take it apart and fix it.  I finally took it apart yesterday and I think I can fix the issue with a little simple piecing.

Alterations aren’t always easy.  Over the weekend what appeared to be a quick pants alteration to shorten the waist band ended up taking close to 4 hours because both the lining and outer shell had to be removed from the waistband separately and then, due to the way the pants had be constructed, the only way to reattach the newly shorten waistband so that it looked right was to sew the whole thing back together by hand.  But it was totally worth it because the new pants fit better and I was able to use this opportunity to take out the cartridge pleating I had used originally and replace it with knife pleating which I think will suit these pants better.  Now it’s like having a whole new pair of pants!  Altering the doublet is going to take more work and quite a bit of piecing but it will be worth it to be able to put that piece of clothing into regular rotation.

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