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Some of you have probably heard that we had some pretty nasty weather here in the Raleigh area on Saturday.  Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and the like.  Thankfully it was pretty mild at our house.  We lost some good sized limbs from our front maple but otherwise everything was fine and there was no damage to the house.

I was actually in downtown Raleigh just before the worst of the storm came through.  I was at the Raleigh City Museum attending a historical fashion program earlier in the day and coincidentally left to drive home just before the storm hit.  In fact I pulled into my driveway and had just made it in the door when the bottom fell out.  I feel very lucky to have made it home easily and that we suffered so little damage.

I did get pictures of some awesome garments at the program that I will be putting up in my gallery this week.  The program was wonderful and I’d like to send a special thank you out to Stormi Souter, Amanda Cashwell, and Dannielle Perry for all the work they did to put it together.

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