I know.  I’ve been totally slack about keeping up with these things.  Honestly I haven’t had much to write about practicewise.  If I made it out I was usually late, forgot my contacts, or suffered from some other issue or distraction.  Thankfully though daylight savings time finally switched over a few weeks ago so as soon as I can find where we put the Flip after Gulf Wars I can start taking video at practice again.

This week I made it out to not one but two practices.  I know that’s not a big deal for some folks but I’ve only rarely done more than one practice in a week even if that week also included Baronial Practice.  I was a little worried I wouldn’t have the energy for two practices back to back (Wednesday and Thursday) but once I got going I realized that wasn’t going to be a concern.  Today I’m only a little tired.  It’s a good, satisfied tired so I think I’ll keep this up.  Plus the light patina I acquired over January and February are now mostly gone so that’s kind of gratifying to see.  Sadly though I still can’t see in the dark so I’m probably going to have to make 8pm-ish my personal cut off unless there is space to fight directly under the lights.

More later.  Tonight I have some more work to do on my upcoming Foundations Revealed article and there are some software updates for the site that I’ve been putting off that I need to take care of.

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