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The only picture I have so far of myself at Coronation. I was honored to be asked to help hold the canopy for Their Majesties. Special thanks to Michael Coward for taking the picture.

I had a wonderful time at Coronation last weekend.  The weather was lovely although the wind gave us quite a lot of problems on the field.  The 30 mile and hour gusts that had been forecast ended up being pretty much constantly sustained.  We had several tents blown down and the list fence blown over before we had to pull them all down.  Sadly our little 16′ x 16′ day shade was among the casualties.  The wind ripped out a big section of the center.  Thankfully, it’s totally mendable and our marque, which we were also using, was totally unharmed.  Guess I’ll be making lemonade with a tent mending tutorial. 🙂

I was the field steward for the event so I ended up spending most of the event setting things up and taking them back down but I did get a chance to judge one of the St. Catherine’s A&S tournament entries.  For those of you who haven’t heard of St. Catherine’s before or who live outside of our area, St. Catherine’s is a rather intensive A&S competition in which the total number of entrants is restricted and each entrant must preregister months in advance.  All documentation must be turned in in advance and is disseminated ahead of time to the judges.  On the day of the competition each entrant spends at least 30 min with their judges giving an in person presentation and receiving feedback.  It’s really an excellent competition and we had many amazing entries.

With my field steward duties and the A&S judging I had already signed up to do I ended up deciding not to fight.  It was probably for the best since I don’t know how I would have squeezed fighting in but I did miss it by the end of the day.  Guess I’m just going to have to make sure I get in more than my fair share next time to make up for it.

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