Life has been insanely busy this past week so sadly I’ve had very little time to blog.  This week looks to be at least a busy (if not more so) but things are looking up on the other side of Friday.

This weekend was filled with mending.  Now I’m not the biggest fan of mending.  It takes forever and it’s far less exciting than making something new but if you take the time to check and repair your clothes they will last you far longer than you ever expected (and you don’t end up finding out at the event that there’s a huge hole in your shirt!).  Case in point: Gaston has three pair of trunkhose that I would absolutely love see go the way of the dodo.  They are among the first trunkhose I ever made.  The ones I make now are so much nicer than these and I would love to replace them with new three new pair.  In fact I would happily replace them with three pair just like them if I could pry them away.  But he really loves them so whenever they rip, tear, or are in need of a button I mend them.  And they have lasted for years.

This weekend I mended all three pair of trunkhose (although it may finally be the last time because after Gulf Wars he would like some new ones!), one fencing doublet, two G63’s, washed and repaired his tabard (although I need to sew back on three buttons tonight), and made him a new pair of brais.

With the mending I had I didn’t do any sewing for myself but I did spend some time planning two new sets of rapier armor for myself.  I will be basing the suits off of ones depicted in De Ghyen’s The Exercise of Armes.  So far I’ve managed to settle on the colors but I’m still narrowing down whether I want to copy a specific engraving or if I want to take elements from multiple engravings to make a unique suit.  What do y’all think?

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