Do you ever stand in front of your closet looking for something to wear on to realize that you absolutely hate 90% of it?  That’s the realization I came to over the past couple of weeks while I was getting ready for KASF and Ymir.  My garb closet is full of clothes but many of them are too big now and a lot of them (especially in the case of my rapier armor) are quickly nearing the end of their lives.

So I’ve decided it’s time to redo my wardrobe.  Everything that no longer fits or is in desperate need of repair/replacement must go.  Part of me is torn.  I hate to spend hours making new garb only to have it be too big in a matter of months.  But at this point I think I’d rather make the alterations than only have one or two things I can wear.

I’ve decided to start with replacing my rapier armor since that’s the most in need of replacing.  Plus pants are super easy to take in and if my fencing doublet is a little big it won’t really matter.

And I am going to continue to work on my jacket.  Thankfully I’ve started with the sleeves.  Once they are both done I’m going to double check the fit again before proceeding to the body.  There shouldn’t be much change in my arms so even if the body pieces need to be adjusted the sleeves should still be ok.  Or, worst case scenario, if the difference is too great for an adjustment and the whole garment needs to be repatterned I could use the sleeves somewhere else.

I’ve spent some time thinking about what I want from my wardrobe and I’ve done a basic write up of the project here. This project is still in the planning stages.  Also, the wardrobe project is part of a larger over all effort to revamp our kit so there are notes regarding other aspects of the overall project.

I will continue to discuss this project in more detail as it firms up in my head over the next two weeks.  For now I have pulled everything that I do not want to keep out of my closet and placed it in the guest room.  It will go into an empty hall closet for the time being just in case I need any of the garments.  I also need to pick up some organizers for the shelves for my hats, shirts, and accessories.

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