I’m in the middle of preparations for Ymir so things have been a little quiet here.  Currently the weather for this weekend is supposed to be amazing so lets hope that the forecast holds.

I’ve done a little reorganizing on the website and I’m in the early planning stages of two major projects.  I’ll be able to talk about them in more depth once I’ve finished outlining my plans a little better.

I have been looking through a 1591 edition of A Book of Cookrye and I wanted to share one of the sauce recipes with you all.  The following is a rough transcription of the recipe.

To Make Sauce for Capons or Turkey Fowles

Take onions and dice them thin, and boil them in fair water until they be boiled dry, and put some of the gravy into them and pepper grore beaten*.

From reading through the recipe I believe you are to thinly dice the onion and boil it, allowing the water to reduce until the onions are nearly dry.  Once the water is reduced add some gravy to the sauce from you birds and a little ground pepper to taste.

I’m planning on trying this recipe for myself in the next week or two.  I’ll let you all know how it goes.

*I believe “pepper grore beaten” means ground pepper but I am very new at working with period recipes.

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