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I miss Livejournal.  I know it’s still there.  I still read my friends’ posts.  But it’s so much quieter there now than it used to be that it’s really just not the same anymore and I haven’t been able to find that same feeling of community anywhere else.

I know I generally reserve this blog for posts about my projects or my fencing but I’m going through a rather introspective time right now and it’s brought these thoughts around because it’s during these introspective periods that I miss LJ and the community feeling the most I think.

I love WordPress.  The platform is so much better for blogging than LJ’s old platform and I love the control that having a self hosted site allows me.  But I do miss that community feeling LJ had.  I don’t feel like my blog posts are read anymore like they used to be, even with posting links on Facebook, Twitter, and cross posting to LJ.  I don’t feel as in touch with my friends as I used.  I miss that connection and I wonder what I can do to regain it.

Things felt a little closer knit on LJ I think mostly because of the filter features.  You could direct your posts to particular friends and I think that allowed us to feel like we were forming connections and bonds even with people we hadn’t yet had a chance to meet in real life.   I also think the blogging format geared around longer posts allowed us to feel like we were deepening those connections, both new bonds and old.  Facebook’s shorter format feels more superficial.  It’s not that Facebook is bad and LJ was good.  Facebook is a perfectly great site and its set up allows me to stay in touch with far more friends than LJ did.  But the shorter status format makes me feel a bit like I’m missing something.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

I don’t know what the answer is.  Mostly I’m just thinking out loud about a few things I’ve had running around in my head lately.  I would like to hear your thoughts though.  Did you use to blog on Livejournal or on a platform like Livejournal?  Have you noticed similar things lately with the growing popularity of platforms like Facebook and Twitter?  What are your thoughts?


  1. FB just doesn’t support the same sorts of thought-provoking, indepth discussions that LJ does (I can’t see Attack Laurel’s LJ working on FB’s structure).

    Oh well.

  2. Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I still maintain a blog. I really like having the opportunity for in depth analysis and discussion.

  3. yupyupyup. i almost never post on lj anymore. anything i’m saying that’s long is usually sca related so it goes on the wordpress site. facebook does have filters but they’re not nearly so easy to deal with, so i tend to be more superficial there. and i do miss lj. but if i go back and post there… well, if the community’s not there when i get there, what’s the point? no answers, but i totally hear you.

    • Yeah, I just don’t know what to do about LJ. All my project and rapier related stuff really belongs here and I feel like this platform is better for my work. I miss the community feel LJ had but even when I post there (whether a regular post, a post linking here, or cross posting) I feel like all I get are crickets. But there are days here where it weren’t for the spam in my filter I’d have no comments at all. 😉 So, yeah, no answers. Just more thoughts.

  4. Hmmm… while I’ve seen a lessening in the size or activity of the community on LJ, I haven’t experienced that same sense of loss that you seem to feel – there was a dip, when the FB/LJ debacle struck, and certainly FB has reduced the number of ‘oh by the way, I’m bored’ sort of LiveJournal posts, but I still see people writing about their lives and their research and their fun.

    Personally, I barely check out Dreamwidth and never read blogs in other areas. This reply comes to you here *only* because I felt you would appreciate reading it here rather than at LJ-land. But if I had to switch webpages every time I wanted to say something in response, I would slowly stop doing it.

    The LJ community has lost some cool folks but enough remain, and post, to keep me content.

  5. I feel your pain. At this point, I am blogging in LJ, WordPress (Planet Bel), and WordPress Une Robe Magnifique. I love the sense of community that LJ affords me, and I have an already built in audience. WordPress is allowing me to build a different one in topics such as photography. It also allows me to update my regular website more regularly than using the good ole FrontPage.

    But yeah. Like Hrothny said, some people are not in LJ anymore, but some really cool folks remain. 😉

  6. @Belfebe: Yeah. I plan to continue to cross post or link from here to LJ so that people who don’t want to go other place can still keep up but I think I will begin to use LJ more as a personal blog of day to day activities.

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