I made it out to practice last night.  I had a great time and it was good to be out for the first practice of the year.  I’m rusty as usual but I was pleased to note that my old bad habit of pausing doesn’t seem to have returned and I didn’t have any issue following up with second intention attacks.  The problem I was having was judging my distance with those second intentions in the lamp light so several of them ended up just barely too short.  I’ll take that problem over plenty of others though…it’s a lot easier for me to fix.

It was cold but I layered a long sleeve shirt under my usual armor and an over sized sweatshirt over it and I stayed pretty toasty for the duration of practice.

I fought Jama with rapier and buckler, Percy with rapier and dagger, and Wistric with rapier and dagger.  When we have light again in the spring I’ll start video taping my fights for later review and analysis.

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