It’s OMG!!!!! cold down here in sunny NC.  As an example it was in the teens last night and it’s not expected to really get any warmer until after Christmas.  I’m beginning to expect a very long, very unseasonably cold winter.  Ugh!

In NC it’s hard for us to find indoor practice space.  Most of the indoor spaces available charge fees for use and while their cost might be reasonable for one or two practices they are rather expensive for a regular weekly practice.  So while we continue to chase down leads for indoor practice sites (and we are almost always chasing down a new lead) we’re left with practicing outside during the depths of winter and heights of summer.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bad Provost lately.  I’ve been a slacker with my drilling and irregular in my practice attendance.  But I’ve decided to turn that around.  In addition to rededicating myself to regular practice attendance (which may have to start next week if we really do get snow Thursday-ugh!) I’ve decided to set up some space at home for drilling.  Currently my plan is to set up an area in the guest bedroom but I may need to move it into the master where there’s more space.  I’m curious though as to how many of you have set up space in your homes for drilling?  How much space have you set aside?  What did you include in your drilling area?  If you have them I’d love to see pictures. 🙂


  1. I didn’t necessarily set space aside so much as rearrange the furniture in my room so that I have a good 12′ x 4′ (3′ when my room is messy) strip down the middle of the room.

    Its set up so that one end, is my desk so that I can set a pillow on the shelf, advance most of the way to the desk, and lunge at the pillow cushioned wall.

    I’ve been contemplating putting some tape on the carpet to mark some distances, and perhaps a better solution for padding the wall with something with small targets to hit.

    Antonio had a nifty contraption on his blog the other day. I’m considering making one by mounting a flag holder on the wall and sliding in an old rapier blade. I’d need it to be removable cuz I pretty much have to live in that space too.

    • I’ve decided to set up space in the master bedroom because we just have tons of space in there. Mostly I need space to hang a tennis ball and work around it. I did like Antonio’s disengage tool but I may modify the design as well. I don’t want it to be permanently fixed to the wall and I’d like to use and old blade instead of the wood.

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