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Most people spend this time of year thinking about Thanksgiving, buying Christmas presents, and what they’re going to wear to 12th Night.  Well, maybe the rest of America doesn’t think about 12th Night anymore but most of my friends and I still do so it’s going in the list.

I’ve got several commissions I’m working on and a couple of additional freelance projects so it’s unlikely that I’ll be making something new for 12th Night this year but I have started thinking about Gulf Wars.  I realized this week that it’s only 3.5 months away and if I’m going then I’m going to need to get my butt in gear and start a list of what I need to mend, fix, make, and practice between now and then.  I’m planning on taking some time this weekend to sit down and draft my list.  Of course I’ll share it with you guys when I’m done but I’m curious about you guys.  How many of you are planning on going to Gulf Wars?  Have you already made your listed and started on it or are you waiting until after the Holidays?

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  1. Hell yes I’m going (I was actually just looking at the dates and my accrued vacation ten minutes ago).
    I’m going to work on the vital principles of combat including Punking Weakass Trimarans/Ansteorrans, Running Down MoBs/OWSTs like Armadillos on I-10, and Being a Gracious Bastard in Crushing Victory.
    Pretty much my stock To Do list, really.

    Really the resources aren’t lying around for big appearance-improvement projects (though, I still need to do another shirt), so it’s going to be more about just enjoying the novelty of it, focusing on my fencing (probably not taking heavy gear down, especially if I’m riding along with you and there’s only so much space), and actually making a vacation of it.

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