This week I start to find myself between projects.  My last article was published and I’ve started writing the next next one.  I’ve finished a couple of sewing projects and I’m getting ready to start a new commission.  This is the time that I generally make updates to my site.  So today when I was making some of those updates I found myself looking over some of my recent accomplishments and thinking that it’s nearly November and the end of the year is on it’s way.

There are things I had hoped to finish this year that I haven’t been able to devote the time to that I wanted (my jacket project) and things that inadvertently ended up on the back burner as other projects took over (my Silver and Swetnam series).  But I also accomplished a lot of things that I hadn’t even thought about last year when I set my goals.  I’ve written three tutorials for Foundations Revealed, I wrote and taught a new class on dueling, I finished my green linen GFG that had sat on my shelf for embarrassingly too long, I learned a ton about working with fur (even if my Flander’s gown isn’t done yet), and I learned a lot about myself and my own fencing.  It’s not where I want it to be but I did learn a good deal about myself and my own mindset this year and I feel good about that.

The year isn’t done yet though.  There is still time to make some good headway on my jacket and now is a great time to start training for Ymir.  It’s also a great time to begin reflecting on 2010 and to start to think about goals for 2011.

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