I need to write some more fencing posts!  Well, that will have to wait until next week when my article has been submitted.  It’s all done except for two pictures I need to take tonight.  It’s getting turned in tomorrow.  Excellent.

But I’m sure what you want to read about is War of the Wings, which I went to last weekend.  I can’t really talk about my fighting at the event because I spent the day marshaling but I can say that it was a lovely event and that the rapier melees ran very smoothly.  We ran two 30 minute resurrection woods battles, a champions fight, and three non-resurrection ruins battles.  Raphael was also made a member of the Order of the White Scarf and played his prize between the woods battles.  It was an excellent day.

One of the things I thought was really cool about War of the Wings this year is that for the first time it really felt like a war.  There were tons of encampments, far more than I had ever seen in previous years.  People went visiting at night, there was drumming, parties, and smoke from grills and campfires rising in the evening.  It was really nice and for brief moments it felt like old times camping with Kai and Susanna.

For me one of the biggest things that happened at the event was running my first encampment.  I think it went really well although I did keep a running list of all the things I didn’t think of and all the things I want to make sure we bring for next time.  In the end though we had everything we needed for the event and there were no necessary trips to town once we got back Friday night with ice.  Our camp grill worked great for our small meal plan and I think next time we may expand things a little.  I just wish I had remembered my camera so I could have gotten a picture of our first encampment.

It was lots of fun.  I think may go back and do it again next year…but I think next year we should fight.

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