This weekend was spent working on my new article for Foundations as well as pitching in to help with House Red Wolf’s (the NCSU SCA student group) recruitment demo on Sunday.

I spent nearly all day on Saturday working on my upcoming article for Foundations Revealed.  My last two articles for the magazine were on hosen and this one is on Elizabethan bodies.  I’m very excited about it and I got quite a lot accomplished.  All I need to do this week is work on the days I have mapped out and will be done in plenty of time for the deadline.

Sunday I fought and marshaled at House Red Wolf’s demo.  I had a good time and we got quite a bit of interest.  I’m looking forward to seeing some new members to the barony at future events, practices, meetings, and workshops.

I was particularly glad to see such a good turnout of support for the NCSU demo.  Many of us got our start in the SCA in student groups when we were in college.  Sadly however our local student groups have been suffering for the past few years and at points have had to go inactive because we didn’t have any students to keep them going.  These times were especially sad because they meant we loss use of University facilities (which were always great sites for meetings and small events) and we also lost the ability to hold recruitment demos for new students.

I know it can sometimes be hard to continually try to recruit and retain students.  Their class schedules and the work they have to put into their studies means that they can’t always participate regularly and retention can be difficult.  But I really think the enthusiasm and energy they bring with them both when the can participate and after they graduate make any potential additional work totally worth it.  I’m very excited to see our student groups coming back to life and I’m really looking forward to doing what I can to help them.

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