My green linen kirtle pre-eyelets.

There are now just 19 eyelets standing between me and finishing my new green linen kirtle!  There were 34 to do when I started and I’ve finished 15 so far.  It takes me about 5-6 min to do one eyelet so I’m feeling fairly optimistic that I will have it finished in time for Midnight at the Oasis this weekend.

I’m very pleased with how it’s turning out.  I decided to use some heavy silk thread that is about the same color as the lining to work the eyelets and I really like the contrast.

I’ve really enjoyed working on this gown because it is one of those projects that I’ve had sitting on my shelf have finished for years.  I originally cut out all the pieces in the Summer of 2008.  I had just finished my red linen kirtle that spring and it was so comfortable and fabulous that it was fast becoming a favorite go-to-gown.  I wanted a second one for Pennsic so I started this green linen one.  It didn’t get finished and ended up sitting on a shelf in my sewing room all cut out and ready to put together for two years.  I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out and especially pleased that I’ve managed to get this crossed off my list!  Once I finish my two upcoming articles for Foundations Revealed and a couple of  commissions I have lined up I’m going to tackle my unfinished Flander’s Gown!  I may even be able to start 2011 off with a clean slate.

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