Me at Golden Rose

Me at Golden Rose

It has been kind of a crazy week and a half since I last posted.  Sorry for the delay guys.

I had a fantastic time at Golden Rose last weekend.  Sadly I forgot my camera but several friends were kind enough to let me grab some of their pictures.  These are up in my gallery for anyone who would like to see them.  Sadly there aren’t any pictures of me fighting but that’s OK.  I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to bring the flip camcorder with me to events and practices so that I can get video of my own fighting.  Well, so I can kindly ask someone to record me while I’m fighting but you all get the idea. 🙂 I think this will also provide me with good opportunity to critique and improve my own fighting.

I did get my green linen kirtle hemmed over the weekend and it’s now ready for eyelets and the last of the hand finishing.  If I’m industrious I should be able to finish all that by the end of this weekend.  I’d like to have the gown ready for Midnight on the Oasis in a couple of weeks (or at the very least War of the Wings).  Since it’s short sleeved I’m probably also going to make myself some pin on wool sleeves in case it turns cool for War of the Wings.  I’d also like to finish a new belt to wear with it but we will see if I make it that far.

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