A Saturday afternoon on the Spar.

This past weekend we went down to Beaufort, NC to enjoy some excellent Coastal NC wreck diving.

We arrived in Beaufort Friday afternoon and after checking in with the dive shop we enjoyed a lovely early dinner with friends at No Name Pizza.  It’s a great little hole in the wall pizza place that also makes really excellent pasta, burgers, and sandwiches.  If you are ever in Beaufort I highly recommend it.  We were staying in the dive shops dive lodge so after dinner and a quick trip to the grocery store for breakfast stuff and snacks we headed back to the lodge to wait for the rest of our dive group.  They arrived through out the evening and after talking about the plans for the next day we all headed to bed.  Morning would be coming very quickly.

We were all up by 5:30am and on the boat with our gear set up and ready by 6:30.  By 6:45 we were under way and on our way out to see the U-352.  It was about a 2 hour trip off shore and simply an amazing dive.  From the U-352 we headed to the Spar where we dove with some of the most beautiful Sand Tiger sharks I have ever seen.  Sand Tigers aren’t an aggressive shark and these guys were really very curious about who we were and what we were up to.  They spent quite a bit of time checking us out.  It was incredible.  After the Spar we headed back to the dock and after pulling our stuff off the boat and cleaning our gear we got showers and found a bit of lunch.  Our dive leaders had organized and excellent cookout for us.  Some rain chased us inside but the food was excellent.

Sunday we were up again by 5:30 and on the boat before 7.  We got underway by 7 and headed out to the Aeolus.  We enjoyed a very lovely dive on the Aeolus before heading to the Indra.  It was an excellent day on the water.  The seas were nearly flat calm and the sun and water were just gorgeous.  We got back into the dock around 1ish.  After unloading our gear and checking out with the dive shop we got showers and packed up the car to head home.  We left Beaufort around 3pm and after some lunch and an uneventful drive arrived home around 6ish.  We had a lovely dinner to celebrate our weekend and then happily crashed into bed.

Thankfully we had also taken Monday off of work and we spent the day at home relaxing, recuperating, and doing some laundry.  It was an amazing weekend.

We don’t have an underwater camera but some friends did get some pictures of us.  There are a couple pictures of me up on my gallery and I will be adding more as I get them.

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