I’ve probably mentioned it here before but for the past year and a half at least I’ve had an unfinished green linen gothic fitted gown sitting on my shelf waiting to be picked back up.  It was all cut out, it just needed to be assembled.

So in the spirit of getting back to my unfinished projects I pulled it down last week to get to work on it.  All the pieces had to be re-ironed and the interlinings needed to be basted to the outer layer.  I then assembled the outer layer and the lining and stitched them together.

The next thing I did was assemble the sleeves and prep them for inserting into the gown.  But part of the problem with picking back up old projects that have been sitting on the shelf for a while is that sometimes you run into one of those “what was I doing here?” moments.  The sleeves I had cut ended up being much too large to ease into the armscyes.  This could end up being a bit of a blessing in disguise though.  The sleeves I had originally cut were short.  I had thought about making new long sleeves but in the end decided that I’d just go ahead and use what I had already cut.  Now I get to decide whether I want to alter the short sleeves a bit or just cut new long sleeves.  I think the long sleeves would be more versatile and could be layered with other gowns and surcoats but the short sleeves would be cooler.  Decisions, Decisions.

Anyway, I put up a few pictures in my gallery.  Left to do I have:

  1. clip curves
  2. press front opening
  3. make up new sleeves
  4. insert sleeves
  5. hand finish front opening and sleeves
  6. eyelets
  7. hem

Not such a bad list.  Also, for those of you who missed it I have new pictures up of my jacket in addition to the stills I pulled out of the video from last week.  I also finally got my dueling article for the class I taught at June University up on the site.

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