I’ve finally started rededicating time each week to work on my embroidered jacket last month and I finally completed the outlining on the first sleeve of my embroidered jacket last week.  I also finished the first gore are started the second sleeve last night.  Progress is being made once again!

I realized Sunday night while I was starting work on the second sleeve that I hadn’t updated my gallery for this project in several months.  Unfortunately when I pulled out my camera last night to snap some quick pictures I noticed that my batteries for the camera were dead. 🙁  So I pulled out the Flip, shot some quick video of the completed sleeve and gore, and then pulled out some stills from the video so I’d have something to show you guys this morning. 🙂  The stills I was able to pull out don’t give you a good overall view but I did charge the camera batteries last night so I can snap a few more pictures this evening.

So there are new pictures up in my jacket gallery if you all want to check them out and more are on the way soon.

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