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On this week in 2005 elizabethanmafia.com was officially registered and I began the long process of creating what would become Elizabethan Mafia.  There were some bugs to be fixed, road blocks to jump around, and a learning curve to climb before I was able to take the site live in October but it all started in June with weeks of brainstorming ideas for a name.

We’ve gone through a few different versions, two web hosts, and a lot of fun years together.  What started as just a place to display my research has become one of my longest and most rewarding projects.

I know it’s been a bit more quiet than usual over here as I’ve worked to finish my articles for Foundations Revealed and my class for University.  But now that those are finished things are picking back up around here again and there are lots of new posts coming down the pipe on Silver, Swetnam, fencing, fashion, and all my many projects.

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