I had a fabulous time at June University this past weekend.  I got to spend some time fighting C&T pickups with Giacomo, enjoyed Isobel, Robert, and Lisette’s furniture class, and my dueling class went rather well.

It was really rather hot on Saturday but I didn’t really feel hot.  I felt warm but comfortable while I was fighting which I found a little surprising considering how hot I felt fighting at Coronation which was about the same temperature.  I think the main difference was the amount of water I drank.  I drank an insane about of water before and during University and I followed that up with a bunch of water on Sunday.

The library seemed very well attended and there were a ton of books.  I was quite impressed by the work that was put into making it happen.

My class went rather well.  I had a bunch of students and the day shade that the group had provided for our class was quite comfortable and had plenty of space.  As soon as I format my citations I’ll be putting the handout up on my site so it will be available to anyone who was unable to attend the class.

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