This week has been particularly crazy.  I’m in the finishing stages of my first article so I haven’t had much time for other writing.  I did want to update you all on a small change to these projects though.  I found out last week that there has been a slight change in publication plans.  Rather than being published in the June and July issues of Your Wardrobe Unlock’d: the Costume Maker’s Companion they will instead be published in the June and July issues of YWU’s sister site Foundations Revealed – the Corsetmaker’s Companion.  I know I am still keeping you all in suspense as to the subject of the articles, but I think they will fit in very well at Foundations Revealed, which is dedicated specifically to historical undergarments where as YWU is dedicated to historical clothing in general.

I have also submitted a class to the HMA track at Atlantian June University.  After much debate with myself on whether to submit a new class or an old class I decided to submit a class on Early Modern Dueling.  I have really been enjoying my research on that topic and I’m looking forward to teaching a full class on it.

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