The past few weeks have been completely insane!  I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to a long holiday weekend and a little R&R.  I have a date with warm sunny days, my sewing, a couple of good books, and several articles I’m currently working on.  Writing outside on a warm spring day is just so pleasant.   

But enough about my happy weekend plans, let’s talk about today.  It’s the last day of March which means it’s time for a review of my 2010 goals (especially since I forgot to do a February review!) 

2010 Goals: 

1) Continue to work on my physical fitness and fighting.  This has been sort of a mixed bag.  I’ve pretty good about getting in at least one practice a month.  I’ve missed some weeks here and there but overall I’ve been pretty good about it.  The same goes for my gym attendance.  I’ve been pretty good about getting in 3-4 workouts a week but there have been missed workouts.  I’ve been having trouble keeping my focus up and overall I’m fairly lacking in inspiration.  I think I’d do better if I had an event I was training for. 

2) Only have one embroidery project at a time.  Until it’s finished this means my jacket.  I’ve done some work on my jacket over the past couple of months but not a lot.  At this point I don’t know if it’s because I’ve let myself get out of the habit of working on it weekly or I still need the break.  I’m going to spend some time with it this weekend and see if I can figure it out. 

3) Do more sewing.   Between February and March I finished one pair of bias cut hosen in February, one shirt in March, and  finished 90% of the mending that I had let accumualte. I’ve slowed way down on my Flanders gown.  I’ve redone the fur and I’ve pretty much gotten the lining read to go.  This means I’m almost ready to start the outer layers and I’m trying to decide how I want to do the trim layout.  Another project I need to spend some time with this weekend.  I also took some time this month to sit down and make up a list of projects I want to work on for Pennsic.  Now I just need to place a fabric order.  The good news is that I may have found some of my missing shirts.  If so that’s something that can get crossed off the list. 

4) Learn to play 2 pieces of music appropriate to Elizabethan England by Pennsic.  Ok, I’ve let this sit for way too long.  I’ve let it get back burner-ed and if I don’t do something now I’m never going to get around to it.  So I’m going to make a point to have signed up for lessons by the end of the week.  This is going on top of the list. 

5) Spend more time with my students.  On going as always. 🙂  It was really nice to have both of them at Ymir. 

6) Continue to post Silver and Swetnam installments weekly.  I have not kept up with this goal as I would have liked to.  Part of it is that most of my free writing time has been going to my articles for Your Wardrobe Unlock’d: the Costume Maker’s Companion and the other part of it is that I’m in an in-between space on this project.  I’m at the point where I’m ready to start posting demonstrations and I’ve been testing out the movie function on my camera.  I’m not really thrilled with it but the good news is Coty got a Flip as a belated Christmas present and I’m sure I can sweet talk him into letting me use it for the project.  It’s really nice.  Much nicer than my camera.  I’m also working on a series of articles on dueling. The research is taking a little longer than I had originally thought it would but that’s ok.  I’m hoping to be able to start it soon but I’m not going to rush it out. 

Goals for February: 

1) I need to be in the gym at least 4-5 days per week. Mostly accomplished.

2) I need to accomplish at least 40 hours of embroidery between Feb 6 and March 6.  Not accomplished.

3) Removed self imposed due date! Continue work on Flanders gown.  If I finish before March I’ll start shirts.  Progress continues so mark this one up as accomplished.

4) I need to actually start lessons.  Epic failure.  Need to get my bum in gear.

6) Post at least 4 Silver or Swetnam installments before March 6.  I posted one, two if you count my article on the importance of height.

 Goals for April: 

1) Be in the gym at least 4-5 days per week.

2) Finish 1st YWU article.

3) Lets start back slowly: Accomplish 10-20 hours of embroidery between April 1 and April 30.

4) Continue to work on Flanders gown.

5) Finish one Pennsic project.

6) Order Fabric.

7) Start lessons.

8) Post 3-4 HMA articles between April 1 and April 30.

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