So today I find myself stuck in my first flanders gown conundrum.  I want to have the gown done for Ymir which is Valentines weekend and about 5 and half weeks away.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time but it’s still very doable.  Last night I was looking at the pattern and thinking about how I wanted to go about starting on the project and now I find myself torn as to whether I want to make a whole new pair of effigy bodies or bone the kirtle bodice.  I definitly want (and need!) a new pair of bodies but making them as part of this project will add on more time.  My intention is to make the new pair of effigy bodies entirely by hand now that I have spent a year with the proof of concept bodies and know what I want to change about the pattern.  I don’t know that I can make the gown and fully hand sew a new pair of effigy bodies in the 5 and a half weeks between now and Ymir.  So I’m thinking about boning the kirtle bodice and making it into a pair of petticoat bodies similar to my pink ones but with the closure in the back.  I wasn’t orginally planning on boning the kirtle bodice but I don’t want to rush myself and doing so would still give me the new supportive garment that I want in less time.  Plus I could start my handsewn bodies after the project is done and now I’d a new pair of petticoat bodies as well.  The downside is that I wouldn’t get to start my new bodies until after the gown is done.

So I’m torn but I need to make my mind up soon so I can get started.  What do you guys think?  Should I throw caution to the wind and make the effigy bodies too?  Or should I be more conservative and bone the kirtle bodice?


  1. Cathy Snell (Kate)

    It’s really your decision, but I’d vote to take your time with the hand sewn effigy bodies and bone the kirtle bodice. 🙂
    Happy sewing!

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