After several days of trying to decided which sewing project I wanted to start off my new year with I have finally decided to start with the flanders gown I have been planning.  As I have said in earlier posts, I will be using reconstructing history’s pattern.  My plan is to blog this project in detail so as to discuss fitting, fabrics, and design choices.  I will also be making a new pair of bodies and a pair of bais cut hosen with this project so I will be writing about those as well.  I hope you all will enjoy reading about this project as much as I know I will enjoy working on it!


  1. Isn’t there a chance that trying to hand0sew a pair of bodies and make the Flanders gown would get stressful? If it were me, if I ever attempted to hand-sew a pair of bodies, trying to fit so much into a short period of time would be likely to ruin the fun of sewing.

  2. Actually, yesterday I posted some of my thoughts on the bodies question. 🙂 The timeline is definitely making me think twice about the bodies and I am currently debating boning the kirtle instead. 🙂

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