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Either way it’s all cleaned up now. 🙂 Like many of my fellow tailors and seamstresses the clutter in my sewing room is directly related to the number of projects I’m working on and/or thinking about starting. Currently I’m only actively working on one…but I’ve (at least) 3 or 4 others in various stages of planning. 

I don’t know if a cluttered sewing room is a measure of creativity or not.  I think some people work better in an environment of controlled chaos and I think others  need a more organized space.

I really can’t work efficiently when my sewing room is a mess.  Some mess is ok.  After all, as I work on projects various parts of the project eventually wind up spread out across my cutting table and dress form.  It helps me to stage things out so I can see the project but if I have too much extraneous stuff out I get distracted from the project and inevitably wind up losing some important piece.  So I try to keep my sewing room mostly organized and I usually clean up between projects.

Last Wednesday (the 16th) I had a couple of friends coming over to get some help with a fitting.  As I walked into the sewing room about an hour before they arrived I knew I would straighten up if I wanted to be any help at all.  I had several patterns spread out across my cutting table, parts of my jacket out, I couldn’t find my pins, and my sewing table was a total disaster!

It didn’t take too long though. 

I moved the patterns back into the basket I keep on my shelf for patterns I’m currently working with or plan to work with soon.  Patterns I’m not using (and don’t plan to in the near future) get filed away.  Having a pattern basket means that they remain easily available but still organized and put away.

The notions that were making a huge mess of my sewing table?  They went into one of many baskets that I keep next to my sewing machine.  I have one for scissors, one for thread, and slightly larger one for miscellaneous notions.

I also moved several piles of fabric that I had out for upcoming projects back into my fabric tub.  I prefer to use clear tubs so I can see what’s in them and I have a separate tub for each of the types of fabric I have: linen, silk, wool, cotton, and misc.  All my tubs are stored on shelves at approximately eye level to make seeing into them and getting into them easier.  I know several other people who have more complex systems for archiving their fabric stashes but as I like to keep my stash smaller and manageable I find that this system works better for me.

Straightening up helped me get ready in time for the fitting.  By the time Hillery and Kat came over I had found my pins, put everything I wasn’t using away, and had plenty of table space for working. 

The fitting didn’t take very long but cleaning my room up for it does mean that now I have an organized space in order to work on a project for New Years Eve.

So what about you guys?  I’d love to know how many of you prefer to work in an organized space and which of you are happier working in controlled chaos.


  1. I also spent the day cleaning up my sewing room but I am only halfway there. I need to have it done my New Year’s Eve so I can open the fold out sofa for guests. Now that’s motivation!

  2. I *prefer* organization, but am terrible at it. When you combine that with a tendency to get the relevant items for a project out as soon as I think of the project, *whether or not I plan on working on it right then*, and a disinclination for “finishing” a project by cleaning up after it… yeah. Thus one of the things I plan on doing this weekend.

  3. My sewing room is in a terrible post-Christmas gift mess – looks like a tornado went through there! Looking forward to getting organized and starting fresh in the new year!

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