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As many of you know issues with my webhost in June precipitated me having to move my site to a new host and rebuild it. Part of rebuilding it was reestablishing and rebuilding this blog. I had thought I had lost many of my favorite old posts but thankfully I found backups that I had of them in early September and I was able to put them back up.

I spent a lot of July, August, and early Sept playing around with the site, tweaking things, and trying out different formats for this blog. To be honest I still continue to tweak (because really, when are any of us ever finished tweaking our sites and blogs?) but I finally feel like I have everything back the way I want it.


While I’ve been setting things back up and tweaking here and there I’ve never stopped to establish a personal blogging schedule which is something I’d really like to do. So I’ve decided that next week I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Mondays I will post about a topic related to fashion or culture, Wednesday’s will be the latest installment in my Silver manual, and Fridays I’ll either post about a fencing related topic, an HMA related topic, or a topic outside of Elizabethan England but still within the Early Modern time period. At the end of each month I’ll post about the status of my ongoing projects. As time progresses I will probably add in more days to the schedule but for now I think this will work well. I’ll also still be posting my thoughts on events, most likely working them in on off days.

I hope you will all like the addition of a little organization to this blog. I’m really excited about it.

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