With October ending and November beginning I wanted to take some time update everyone on my Jacket Project progress, asses the status of my PerCoFiMo projects, set some priorities*, and estimate the amount of time I think each will take over the next month. 

The Jacket Project 

My jacket currently stands at 18 hours in with an estimated 35 hours to finish the current sleeve and gores (btw I have a couple new pics up of how it looks so far).  Obviously this is my top priority for PerCoFiMo.  I had two events last month that needed prep work and I let myself get side tracked on some other things as well so I really need to buckle down and get in my 10hrs a week on the project. 

Black Wool Hood 

My hood is very close to done.  All the seams are sewn and all that’s left to do is the flat felling.  This all needs to be done by hand but, based on the hood I made for Coty last year, I’m estimating it will only take me about 5 hours to finish.  Since this should be quick to knock out I’m going to set this as 2nd priority for PerCoFiMo in the hopes that getting something knocked out quickly will help renew my inspiration to finish others. 

Falling Band and Cuffs 

The falling band and cuffs are my 3rd priority because I really want them for 12th Night. I’m not making new clothes for 12th Night because my black silk suit fits very nicely again but I do want to make a nice falling band and set of cuffs for myself to spiff it up.  I’ll be sewing them completely by hand but I don’t really have an estimate yet on how long it will take me. 

Green Linen GFG 

Next to the jacket I expect this will probably take the most time.  Everything is cut out but I need to take the pattern in a bit and nothing in sewn together yet.  I really want to finish this gown because I love my red linen one so much and want another comfy GFG for spring and summer.  It will be mostly machine sewn although all the visible finishing will be done by hand.  I’m thinking about making this my 4th priority though since I probably won’t be wearing it much until the spring. 

Complete mending

 Part of me wants to take this one totally off the list because a PerCoFiMo is supposed to be fun and I hate mending.  On the other hand the point of having a PerCoFiMo is to push yourself to finish all the things that you’ve been putting off and the mending definitely fits that bill.  So I don’t really know what I’m doing with this one yet.

Begin Flander’s Gown

Now this is tough because it’s a project I’m really excited about but at the very least I need to get through my falling band and cuffs before I really get it started.  So this may be bumping the GFG out of 4th place.  I have my fabric and I have the fur.  I need to order linen for the lining and make a decision about the pattern.


*Note: most priorities are subject to change based on the whim of the project executor.


  1. From a pure Operations Management perspective, you should prioritize in ascending order of the amount of time required to complete each project. That way you get all the little stuff banged out and feel accomplished, instead of getting bogged down in a big project straight off. It’s the only thing I learned in business school that I still use.

    • Hmm, I might just do that. I had be prioritizing based on what I most wanted to get done but I can definitely see the benefit of doing it the other way.

  2. I find that by taking regular breaks on a large project to work on something very small and quickly finished, I feel like I am making progress and accomplishing more. A small finish often inspires and energizes to me to re-tackle the larger project. I also keep a stitching diary for large projects, so I can go back and look at how much time I *actually* spent on a particular project, versus what I thought I’d put into it. This also helps me to identify what was causing me *stitcher’s block* in the first place. For example, it had been over a year since I spent anytime stitching on Royal Holiday (mirabilia.com), and when I went back to put some more work into it, I remembered I had taken a break due to some vision issues (in other words, I need bi-focals before I can work on 38 count linen again). Hope this helps!

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