I posted this on Facebook yesterday but I wanted to mention it here too. As I said in my blog post on Tuesday, I need a new metal buckler for cut and thrust. I’m in the middle of shopping around and was wondering if you guys had any recommendations. I’ve noticed that several of the armors making bucklers for rapier are using 20 gauge steel but I’d really prefer something in the 18-16 gauge range. So what do you use? Are you happy with it? What would you change about it?


  1. Windrose does a 14 or 16 gauge version of the one I’ve got (it’s basically the buckler that Athos has, but with a larger boss).

    • They have an 18 gauge too under their WMA section that I’ve also looked at. I think 12 or 14 is what I had and it was too heavy. 16 is what my helm and gorget are and I think that might do well but I’d like to try one first. What gauge is yours? I don’t remember.

  2. Arms & Armor (Armor.com) has a STUNNING english buckler that I am in desperate love with. http://www.armor.com/armor129.html I’ve borrowed a friends, and the weight is good, the size is right (I find my Windrose a little large) and the look is, as mentioned, stunning. The price is daunting, and so I am saving my pennies. (And taking a few sewing commissions.)

    Best of luck,
    ~THLady Meala Caimbeul
    Kingdom of Caid

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